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Jogjakarta Plaza Hotel is a unique international resort-styled hotel

Jogjakarta Plaza Hotel is a unique international resort-styled hotel




Arum Pramatya (180’)                                                                Rp. 650.000 nett

A must try treatment for ignored skin. Optional bath treatment with our face receiving and finished by reflexology will leave you not only looking great but feeling great too.

Sequences: Bath treatment, face reviving, foot reflexology.


Ambar Tarasari (120’)                                                                Rp. 450.000 nett

Choose the treatment that meets your expectations to get the best service to loose your tired body and feel the senses of deep relaxation.

Sequences: Body massage and two selected traditional treatments (body scrub, reflexology, manicure or pedicure)


De Fantastique (100’)                                                                 Rp. 450.000 nett

The perfect treatment for getting rid of muscular tension and get benefits of a soothing freshness, allows you to get a deeply relaxing sleep.

Sequences: Body massage and face reviving.


De Exotique (90’)                                                                      Rp. 450.000 nett

This special treatment is designed for you who really care the needs of every inches of body. Regularly treatment will help to restore skin elasticity and body shape that you desire.

Sequences: Body massage & selected Estebel Body treatment (Body Slimming / Thigh Slimming / Bust Treatment).


Rukmi Sasanti (90’)                                                                    Rp. 350.000 nett

Relieve your muscle tension and restore your energy after stifling activities by enjoying this treatment package.

Sequences: Body Massage and one of selected traditional treatment (Body Scrub / reflexology / bath).

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