Milk Bath (120’)                                                                                Rp. 450.000 nett        

This treatment will leave your skin glowing by exfoliating, restoring and hydrating, bringing your skin back to its natural state.

Sequences: Sauna, massage, body scrub, body mask, milk bath


Flower Bath (120’)                                                                             Rp. 450.000 nett

The scent of fresh flower will help you reduce the hectic feelings and bring you into an ultimate indulgence.

Sequences: Sauna, massage, body scrub, body mask, flower bath


Lulur Bath (120’)                                                                               Rp. 450.000 nett

One of the great secret to royalty is the Javanese lulur. The luxurious body scrub which is believed to be one of the natures’s best exfoliating methods.

Sequences: Sauna, massage, Javanese lulur, herbal bath


Herbal Bath (120’)                                                                             Rp. 450.000 nett

Soothe your skin and relax the muscles while enjoying our herbal bath. The warm of the herbal compress will help to release tension.

Sequences: Sauna, massage, body scrub, herbal bath


Fruit Bath (120’)                                                                                Rp. 450.000 nett

Get the freshness of fruit that provides all the goodness for your skin. This cleansing and rejuvenating fruit bath smooth and remove dead skin cell.

Sequences: Sauna, massage, fruit scrub, body mask, fruit bath


Chocolate Bath (120’)                                                                        Rp. 450.000 nett

You will experience a nourishing massage to erase tension and leaving your mind refreshed followed by an amazing free radical blocking antioxidants chocolate body scrub to buff and rejuvenate your skin.

Sequences: Sauna, body massage, chocolate body scrub, body mask, bath


Serenity of Green Tea (120’)                                                             Rp. 450.000 nett

Pamper and rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul with choosing this treatment. Aromatic green tea scrub will bring you into serenity experience with deep cleanse and buff.

Sequences: Sauna, body massage, green tea body scrub, mask, bath

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