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Earth Check

Earth Check provides a framework for organisations to achieve the desired outcomes for sustainable tourism as set out in the final report of the World Summit for Sustainable Development held in Johannesburg in 2002.Earth Check is the global Benchmarking and Certification programme for sustainable Travel and Tourism. It is based on the Agenda 21 principles for Sustainable Development endorsed by 182 Heads of State at the United Nations Rio De Janeiro Earth Summit in 1992.

Earth Check complies with the Mohonk Agreement which outlines the guidelines andprinciples for an International Sustainable Tourism Certification Programme.

Earth Check partners with Travel and Tourism organisations to achieve and maintain good environmental and social practice, deliver maximum benefit to all interested parties and provide choice for concerned consumers.

The Earth Check brand signifies better environmental and social performance, improved community interactions and savings through more efficient use of resources. It provides recognition and promotional support to a global consumer market.


Prime Plaza Hotel Jogjakarta is a four star international hotel with distinctive, Javanese architecture with 157 luxuriously appointed rooms only minutes away from the airport, train station and a number of Jogjakarta cultural attractions with some facilities such as Srikaton restaurant, Colombo Pool terrace, ballroom and meeting rooms.  For relaxation and recreation we have Kirana Health Club, Sekar Arum Spa, Tennis Court, Basketball court and “Dolanan” Kids Club and Langensuko Park. Total land area is 2.27 ha with 1 ha of building and 1.27 landscape providing a good habitat for many species of birds and plants

The hotel is surrounded by big universities within residential area with no high rise buildings and located in the main street that made our hotel have high risk impact from air pollution from traffic, so we are aiming to plant more trees in and around the hotel to reduce the air pollution and to assist water absorption. Also, by considering that our land use is quite large for an inner city hotel, we have a responsibility to ensure our waste is managed well and does not have a negative impact to the local inner city businesses and residences in our area. Meanwhile, since the raining season seems to be continuous for the whole year with temperatures between 32 – 36 degrees Celsius, we will ensure to manage our water drainage are clean and in good condition in order to prevent flood.

Our hotel is measuring electricity, fuel, gas and water consumption in every department on a daily basis.  We have an energy and water saving program in place. We commit to reduce our consumption of energy, water and waste and will be using the Earthcheck program to monitor and assist these efforts.

We also have a commitment to legal compliance with licenses and permits for machinery, building, environment and safety and hygiene.

More than 95.5% of our staff live within 20km of the hotel.  For new hires we also recommend them to live within this area.  We also promote the idea of riding bicycles to work as well as general cleaning for staff activity days.

Our Chief Engineer, Mr. Supriyadi as our Green Team Leader, and our General Manager, Mr. Yungke Wibowo have signed the policy below.  They commit to socialize, manage and succeed the Green Team goals.

We will communicate the policy to our staff by socializing in all employees’ activities.  We also will announce it in every briefing and in all media such as our website, newsletter and on the announcement board.  In order to communicate it to our guests, we will make signage with our policy and commitment to save our world.  We will explain to our suppliers that they should use natural wrapping rather than plastic.  We will explain to the owners that the purpose of Earthcheck is not only about saving energy but also saving costs so everybody will get the benefits from it.  In other words, we can create a balance between people, planet and profit.


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