In Room Dining




TOM YAM KUNG      Rp 50,000

Traditional spicy Thai prawn soup

Sup udang asam pedas khas Thailand


CREMA DI POLLO      Rp 45,000

Cream of Chicken soup served with garlic bread

Sop krim Ayam disajikan bersama roti bawang.



Chinese Asparagus soup filled with Crab meat

Sop asparagus dengan daging kepiting a’la China






De’ BEEF PATTIES      Rp 80,000

Fresh ground beef, slices tomato, onion, lettuce served with french fries and melted mozzarella cheese on top.

Burger daging sapi disajikan dengan irisan tomat, bawang bombay, daun selada , keju mozzarella dan kentang goreng.



A triple decker sandwich of lettuce, tomato, chicken, boiled egg and cheese served with potato chips

Tiga lapis roti isi daun selada, tomat, ayam, telor rebus, irisan keju dan keripik kentang.


BBQ GRILL CHICKEN      Rp 95,000

Marinated Chicken breast served with fettuccini aglio e olio, sautéed diamond vegetables and BBQ sauces.

Dada ayam bakar dihidangkan bersama pasta fettuccini pedas, tumis sayuran dan BBQ saos.


NORWEGIAN SALMON      Rp 165,000

Grilled salmon filled served with boiled cheese potato, sauteed mixed vegetables and lime butter sauces

Ikan Salmon panggang disajikan dengan kentang rebus keju, tumis sayuran dan saos jeruk nipis.



Choices of pasta ( Penne or Spaghetti ) with Napolitan, Bolognaise or Carbonara and garlic bread.

Pasta pilihan ( Penne / Spaghetti ) disajikan dengan saos tomat, saos daging cincang atau saos krim dan roti bawang.




Stuffed Pizza with Beef sausages or bacon, slices tomato, onion, bell pepper and oregano.

Pizza isi sosis sapi atau daging asap, bawang bombay, tomat , bell pepper dan oregano.







H.O.T IGA      Rp 110,000

Marinated Grilled beef ribs green chilli sauce served with steamed rice, fresh vegetables and cracker

Iga Bakar Lombok ijo disajikan dengan lalapan, nasi putih dan emping.



Crispy fried import duck Chines style glaze with Hoisin sauces served with oriental fried rice, and pock coy garlic.

Bebek goreng import saos Hoisin a’la Chines, disajikan dengan nasi goreng oriental dan tumis pok coy bawang putih




Deep fried chicken served with oriental fried rice and Singapore spicy sauce

Ayam goreng a’la Singapore desajikan dengan nasi goreng oriental dan saos pedas.


SOP BUNTUT       Rp 125,000

Fried or boiled Oxtail soup served with steamed rice , pickles and light crackers

Sop buntut goreng atau kuah disajikan dengan nasi putih, acar dan emping



GEPREKERS       Rp 70,000

Famous crispiest fried Chicken in town served with steam rice, fresh vegetables, garlic chilli sauce or chilli sauce and vegetables clear soup.

Ayam goreng Geprek disajikan bersama nasi putih, lalapan, sambel bawang atau sambel mentah dan soup sayuran.



NASI GORENG PRIME       Rp 70,000

Indonesian favorite fried rice served with shredded egg, fried chicken, prawn, satay and potato chips

Nasi goreng spesial disajikan dengan irisan telor dadar, ayam goreng, udang, sate dan keripik kentang


MIE JOWO       Rp 60,000

House made traditional fried or boiled noodles in Javanese style served with pickles and crackers

Mie kuah atau goreng khas Jawa disajikan dengan acar dan emping






BROWNIES A’LA MODE      Rp 50,000

Royal nut brownies served with one scoop choices of vanilla ice cream, almond nut and chocolate sauce.

Kue Coklat isi kacang disajikan dengan pilihan es krim vanila dan saus coklat


CRAZY CHOCOLATE      Rp 47,500

Three scoops of chocolate ice cream with slices of brownies, royal chocolate sauces and almond on top

Es krim coklat disajikan dengan irisan kue brownies, saos coklat dan taburan kacang


TROPICAL FRUIT PLATTER       Rp 42,5­­­­00

Slices fresh fruits of honeydew. Papaya, pineapple, and watermelon

Irisan buah segar sesuai pilihan anda




Whiskies ( 1 Oz )

W Red   Rp 80.000,-
Jack  Daniels,JimBeam   Rp 100.000,-
OldBushmills   Rp 80.000,-
JW  Black  Label,  Chivas  Regal   Rp 100.000,-

Gin ( 1 Oz )  

Gordon Rp. 100.000,-


Vodka ( 1 Oz )

Smirnoff Rp 80.000,-


Rum  (  1Oz) Rp 100.000,-

Tequila ( 1 Oz )   Rp 100.000,-


Liqeuer ( 1 Oz )

Cointreau   Rp.100.000,-

Myer's Rum, Malibu, Cherry Brandy, Apricot Brandy   Rp 80.000,-



International Cocktail


Long Island Tea   Rp 200.000,-

Bacardi, vodka, tequila, triple sec, gin, lime juice and coca – cola   

Planter Punch   Rp 140.000,-

Myer's rum, bacardi, Cherry Brandy, orange juice, pineapple juice, lime juice, simple syrup

Pina Colada Rp 170.000,-

Bacardi, Malibu and Myer's rum blended with pineapple juice, lime juice and coconut cream

Margarita   Rp 180.000,-

Tequila, triple sec (bols), lime juice

Whiskey Sour  Rp 100.000,-

Bourbon Whiskey, strawberry syrup, lime, orange syrup

Tequila Sunrise Rp 150.000,-

Tequila, strawberry syrup, orange juice, lime juice, soda water

Singapore Sling Rp 150.000,-

Gin, Cherry Brandy, strawberry syrup, lime juice, soda water



Long Drink

Whisky (cola / soda / orange)   Rp 110.000,-

Vodka (orange / cola / tonic)   Rp 110.000,-

Gin Tonic   Rp 110.000,-

Bacardi (cola / soda)   Rp 110.000,-



Small Bottle   Rp 75.000,-

Large Bottle   Rp 100.000,-


House Wine

Red / White wine per glass   Rp 160.000,-

Rose wine per glass   Rp 160.000,-

Rose / White / Red wine by bottle Rp 550.000,-



Colombo's Coffee

Espresso with triple sec, brown sugar and cream   Rp 100.000,-


Irish Coffee

Espresso with whiskey & cream   Rp 100.000,-



Pour espresso with tequila & cream   Rp 100.000,-



Coffee liqueur with double espresso   Rp 100.000,-



Espresso with emulsify milk and cocoa   Rp 60.000,-



Mix of espresso, milk, sugar and cocoa   Rp 60.000,-


Onda Al Cioccolato

Espresso with hot liquid chocolate   Rp 60.000,-



Espresso with hot thick chocolate, cocoa and hot milk   Rp 45.000,-



Espresso with hot milk Rp. 45.000,-



Espresso with a drop of hot steamed milk   Rp 35.000,-


Macchiato Caldo

Espresso with a drop of hot steamed milk   Rp 35.000,-


Espresso Con Panna

Espresso served with cream on the side   Rp 35.000,-




Shake of double espresso and vodka   Rp 120.000,-


Coffee Time

Mix of espresso with vodka &cointreau   Rp 120.000,-



Vanilla ice cream pour with singleespresso   Rp 60.000,-



Mix of milk with cocoa and sugar pour into espresso   Rp 60.000,-


Espresso Shakerato

Shakedespresso Rp 60.000,-


Cappuccino Shakerato

Shaked of espresso, milk and sugar   Rp 60.000,-


Frappe Al Caffe

Coffeeshake   Rp 60.000,-


Macchiato Freddo

Single espresso served with cold milk   Rp 35.000,-


Frozen Cappuccino   Rp 45.000,-

Ice Cappuccino   Rp 40.000,-

Ice Coffee   Rp 35.000,-



Tea Time

Imported Tea   Rp 35.000,-

Reguler Tea   Rp 25.000,-


Delicious Juicy

Fruit Juice

Choice :

Pineapple, Papaya, Watermelon, Melon, Tomato, Apple, Avocado And Carrot Juice

Banana   Rp 30.000,-


Fresh Orange Juice   Rp 50.000,-


Mixed Juice

(banana, pineapple, papaya, watermelon, lime)   Rp 40.000,-


Chilled Juice

Choice :

(orange, Pineapple, Guava, Lime, Apple, Mango)   Rp 25.000,-




(orange, Lime, Mango, Pineapple, Apple, Guava)   Rp 40.000,-



Vanilla   Rp 35.000,-

Strawberry   Rp 35.000,-

Chocolate   Rp 35.000,-

Mocca   Rp 35.000,-

RumRaisin   Rp 35.000,-

BananaShake Rp 45.000,-


Soft Drink

Coca-cola, Sprite, Fanta, Soda Water   Rp 30.000,-

Tonic Water, Zero Coke Rp 40.000,-



RegularCoffee   Rp 35.000,-

SingleEspresso   Rp 35.000,-

DoubleEspresso   Rp 50.000,-

Cappuccino   Rp 45.000,-

Double Cappuccino   Rp 60.000,-

Hot Chocolate, Hot Milk   Rp 35.000,-

Hot Ginger   Rp 35.000,-

Hot Ginger Tea   Rp 35.000,-

Cold Chocolate   Rp 35.000,-

Cold Milk   Rp 35.000,-

IceTea   Rp 20.000,-



Small Bottle 600 ml   Rp 20.000,-

Large Bottle 1500 ml   Rp 25.000,-

EquilSparkling   Rp 50.000,-


Rate is subject to change without prior notice. Please contact for booking and more information.


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