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Traditional Massage ( 60’) Rp 275.000nett

Inspired by traditional heritage massage techniques by applying our special oil. This gentle and long pressure massages specifically design to heal and invigorate the muscle.

Aromatherapy Massage ( 60’ ) Rp 275.000nett

Unique and delightful essential oil blended with virgin olive oil and aromatherapy massage oil. Awaken the senses released not only though touch but also though smell fostering a natural state of equilibrium throughout.


Aromatherapy Fruit Massage ( 60’ ) Rp 275.000nett

Glow will definitely be the results after this treatment is completed. Ripened fruit will exfoliate your skin and acts as a natural skin booster full of vitamins that will nourish and replenish. The experience is wrapped up regally with a relaxing aromatherapy massage. You are good to glow.

Remedial ( 60’ ) Rp 275.000nett

Remedial massage is designed to increase the bloodstream and lymph nodes around the body. It’s enables to heal and restore body strength after a routine exercise. This massage is suitable for athletes but it is equally effective for non-sport people.




Milk Bath ( 120’ ) Rp 450.000nett

This treatment will leave your skin glowing by exfoliatting, restoring and hydrating. Bringing your skin back to its natural state.

Sequences : Sauna, Massage, Body Scrub, Body Mask, Milk Bath


Flower Bath ( 120’ ) Rp 450.000nett

The scent of fresh flower will help you reduce the hectic feelings and bring you into an ultimate indulgence.

Sequences : Sauna, Massage, Body Scrub, Body Mask, Flower Bath


Herbal Bath ( 120’ ) Rp 450.000nett

One of the great secret to the royalty is the Javanese lulur. The luxurious body scrubs which is believed to be one of the nature’s best exfoliating methods.

Sequences : Sauna, Massage, Javanese Lulur, Herbal Bath


Herbal Bath ( 120’ ) Rp 450.000nett

Soothe your skin and relax the muscle while enjoying our herbal bath. The Warm of the herbal compress will help to release tension.

Sequences : Sauna, Massage, Body Scrub, Herbal Bath


Fruit Bath ( 120’ ) Rp 450.000nett

Get the freshness of fruit that provides all the goodness for your skin. This cleansing and rejuvenating fruit bath smooth and remove dead skin cell.

Sequences : Sauna, Massage, Fruit Scrub, Body Mask, Fruit Bath


Chocolate Bath ( 120’ ) Rp 450.000nett

You will experince a nourishing massage to erase tension and leaving your mind refreshed followed by an amazing free radical blocking antioxidants chocolate body scrub to buff and rejuvenate your skin.

Sequences : Sauna, Body Massage, Bath


Serenity of Green Tea ( 120’ ) Rp 450.000nett

Pamper and rejuvenate your mind, body and soul with choosing this treatment. Aromatic green tea scrub will bring you into serenity experience with deep cleanse and buff.

Sequences : Sauna, Body Massage, Green Tea Body Scrub, Mask, Bath



Arum Pramatya ( 180’ ) Rp 650,000nett

A must try treatment for ignored skin. Optional bath treatment with with our face reviving and finished by reflexology will leave you not only looking great but feeling great too.

Sequences: Bath treatment, Face Reviving, Foot Reflexology


Ambar Tarasari ( 120’ ) Rp 450,000nett

Choose the treatment the meets your expectations to get the best service to loose your tired body and feel the senses of deep relaxation.

Sequences: Body Massage and two selected traditional treatments ( Body Scrub, Reflexology, Manicure or Pedicure )


Rukmi Sasanti ( 90’ ) Rp 350,000nett

Relieve your muscle tension and restore your energy after stifling activities by enjoying this treatment package.

Sequences: Body Massage and one selected traditional treatment ( Body Scrub/ Refelxology/ Bath )



Body Scrub/ Mask/ Bath ( 30’ ) Rp 175.000nett

Sauna + Whirlpool + Steam ( Outside Guest ) Rp 100.000nett

Sauna + Whirlpool + Steam ( Inhouse Guest ) Rp 50.000nett



Foot Reflexology ( 30’ ) Rp 125.000nett

Foot Reflexology ( 60’ ) Rp 175.000nett

Hand Massage ( 30’) Rp 100.000nett

Foot Massage ( 30’ ) Rp 125.000nett

Back Massage ( 30’ ) Rp 175.000nett

Manicure ( 60’ ) Rp 190.000nett

Pedicure ( 60’ ) Rp 215.000nett



Hair Wash Rp 50.000nett

Catok ( short ) Rp 50.000nett

Catok ( long ) Rp 100.000nett

Traditional Creambath ( short ) Rp 100.000nett

Traditional Creambath ( long ) Rp 125.000nett

Hair Spa ( short ) Rp 175.000nett

Hair Spa ( long ) Rp 200.000nett

Hair Mask ( short ) Rp 225.000nett

Hair Mask ( long ) Rp 250.000nett

Rate is subject to change without prior notice. Please contact for booking and more information.


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